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September 2015 Archives

Criminal "Independent" Real Estate Professionals

The California Real Estate Commissioner just issued the following warning letter to all California real estate professionals, especially those who are conducting property management businesses. Be forewarned, and do give me a call if the BRE has targeted you.

Licensee Alert

Issued 9/1/2015

Disciplinary Warning to Real Estate Salespersons Who Act, Conduct Themselves, and/or Advertise as "Independent" Real Estate Professionals -- and a Simultaneous Caution to Brokers Who Allow or Support Such Practices

By Wayne S. Bell, California Real Estate Commissioner

The California Bureau of Real Estate has taken notice of – and will take appropriate disciplinary action against -- the unlawful practice(s) of some real estate salespersons who act, conduct themselves, and advertise as “independent” real estate professionals.

Crazy Real Estate Topics?

Over the years, I have picked topics to wax poetic about in these posts. Now, it's your turn. Let me know what you would like to hear about. It can be topics as a diverse as emerging rent control in the San Francisco area – as a result of the sky rocketing housing costs. Or it could be about the split tax roll for commercial properties, and removing them from proposition 13 protections. Perhaps it can be something with regard to the new loan disclosure package. Or maybe a treatise on the differences between adverse possession and a prescriptive easement. Who knows, do you all might come up with a bevy of topics I would never have even considered. Now, I won't promise that we will publish a story for each suggestion, but I won't restrict a topic just because it's crazy or off-the-wall. In fact, the crazy and off-the-wall topics are my most favorite.

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