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Can you write off uncollected rent when a deadbeat tenant doesn’t pay?


It’s that time again, when the hangover remedies have worn off, and you have to start gearing back up for work.  At least the “fitness resolutions” have another three weeks to go before they fall to the sidelines. So, while everyone is still groggy, it’s time to hit you with what you’ll have to be compliant with, or at least thinking about, as you start the new year.  After all, the Legislature never sleeps! January 1 is when just about all the laws passed by our beloved State government comes into effect.  Some of these were passed way back in 2015, others more toward the end of last year.  Some make sense.  Others ... well, this is California after all. For real estate people, both owners and tenants, and certainly brokers, there are a plethora of regulations and statutes that now need to be factored in to everyday life. Over this and the next e-zine, we’ll go through some of them.  For now, here are the top few that got my attention:

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