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September 2017 Archives

Commercial real estate purchase made for more than $12 million

An investor group in California recently bought a downtown office building in Santa Rosa, a little more than an hour from San Francisco. The office building spans more than 66,000 square feet. The commercial real estate purchase was executed for more than $12 million.

Will tax cuts affect the housing market?

In a year when politics have dominated the headlines, it’s no surprise that tax discussions are a major talking point. President Trump’s tax initiative is in the proposal stage right now, but ideas include significant changes to the deduction structure. For most homeowners today, the mortgage interest deduction is one of the most important entries on their tax form.

September is historically busy month for real estate

After Labor Day, the statistics show that people in the Bay Area get to work on home buying and selling. According to Mansion Global, an international real estate publication, September is the hottest month for luxury real estate in San Francisco in recent years, and a slumping real estate market hasn't kept high-end buyers away. What does this mean for both real estate agents and prospective property owners?

Commercial real estate project involves parking garage, village

Two important issues in the San Francisco area -- housing and parking -- will most likely receive some relief due to a new real estate project. This commercial real estate project will involve a brand-new parking garage along with a transit village that will contain 600 units. The garage and village will go up near a Bay Area Rapid Transit station.

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