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Selling residential real estate along busy street is possible

Those who have homes near busy roads may naturally view their locations as a detriment during the home-selling process. However, selling a residential real estate property on a high-traffic street offers several benefits. In addition, selling such a house is indeed possible in California.  

One of the major benefits of marketing a house along a busy road is that the home will get plenty of exposure. In addition, some buyers may want the home because it may provide them with easier commutes to work. Furthermore, being along a busy street means having easier access to attractions such as restaurants and stores nearby. This may be particularly appealing to buyers who enjoy being able to take a stroll to a yoga studio or café a block away.

An effective way to sell a home in a high-traffic area may be to concentrate on the property's landscaping. For instance, planting shrubs or trees, or adding a stone retaining wall may make the property look more appealing to would-be buyers. In addition, adding a fountain or other water feature may help to block out excess traffic noise.

Selling homes in California can be thrilling but also overwhelming because of the many steps involved. Unfortunately, the wrong move can cause the seller to lose money in a residential real estate transaction or even to lose a deal altogether. An attorney can provide the guidance required to get to the closing table and seal the deal in a personally beneficial way in the Golden State.

Source: realtor.com, "How to Sell a House Near a Busy Road," Jeanne Sager, Dec. 13, 2017

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