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When a sale is not a sale

When real estate owners fail to pay taxes over an extended period of time, they risk losing that property to a government auction. That appeared to be what happened when a homeowner's association failed to pay the bill for the common areas on Presidio Terrace. Residents of the street were alarmed to discover that The city of San Francisco had auctioned off the street to a San Jose couple for the low, low price of $90,000. Rather than accept the sale as the result of not paying your taxes for 30 years, the association filed a lawsuit and asked the San Francisco Board of Examiners to intervene. A majority of the Board found their claims compelling.

Will tax cuts affect the housing market?

In a year when politics have dominated the headlines, it’s no surprise that tax discussions are a major talking point. President Trump’s tax initiative is in the proposal stage right now, but ideas include significant changes to the deduction structure. For most homeowners today, the mortgage interest deduction is one of the most important entries on their tax form.

Will you still love me when I’m missing floor? What agents had better disclose

One day not so very long ago, a family bought a house. It was a very, very fine house, with two decks in the yard, a garage for a couple of cars and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge that begged for a pool and patio where all in attendance could enjoy their very own Margaritaville.

Selling a Fixer-Upper? Don't "waive" goodbye too quickly

There's an adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure. One of the most obvious cases of this might just be the fixer-upper home. The seller has decided they have had enough, prices the property accordingly and the astute seller grabs the deal, knowing there will be construction or improvements involved--and willing to take on the challenge! After all, for some folks, the journey is the best part of the destination.

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